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Effect of Black Pepper, Garlic and Turmeric Powders on Performance and Antibody Titer Against Newcastle Disease Virus of Coob 500 Broiler Chickens (85160 Downloads)
Nutritive Value and Performance of Cereal Green Fodder Yield in Hydroponic System (30849 Downloads)
Effect of Oral Administration and Injection of Selenium and Vitamin E on Performance, Blood Metabolites and Digestibility of Nutrients in Suckling Dalagh Lambs (16459 Downloads)
Effect of Apple Vinegar Addition to the Drinking Water on Growth Performance, Ileal Lactobacillus Population, Digestive Chyme pH and Immune Response of Broiler Chickens (16189 Downloads)
Effect of Dietary Garlic Powder or Fresh Ground Garlic on Performance and Immune Response of Broiler Chickens (13274 Downloads)
Effects of Dietary Inclusion of Fish Oil, Soybean Oil, Palm Oil or Conjugated Linoleic Acid Supplementation on Performance and Meat Fatty Acid Composition of Broiler Chicken (11920 Downloads)
Effect of Feeding Whole or Cracked Barley Grain Accompanied by Soybean Meal or Urea on Nutrients Digestibility and Parameters of Rumen in Mehraban Sheep (9141 Downloads)
The Effect of Slow-Release Mineral Supplements and eCG Injection on Twining, Birth Weight and Weaning Weigh to Fluffy Raeini Goats (8694 Downloads)
Investigation of the Effects of Barley Grain Removal and Replacement of Wheat Bran with it, in the Diet of Saanen Dairy Goats (7275 Downloads)
The Effect of Feeding of Bacterial Probiotic in Milk or Starter on Growth Performance, Health, Blood and Rumen Parameters of Suckling Calves (7033 Downloads)
Comparison of Hach Method with Kjeldahl Method for Determining of Crude Protein Contents of Some Animal Feeds (6546 Downloads)
DNA Extraction from Hair Roots using Modified Salting out Method (6200 Downloads)
Evaluation of Production Performance and Gut Morphology of Broiler Chickens Fed with Antibiotic, Organic Acid, Probiotic and Prebiotic in Tropical Conditions (5836 Downloads)
Effect of Varying Ruminally Degradable to Ruminally Undegradable Protein Ratios on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Crossbred Male Lambs (5789 Downloads)
The Effect of Inbreeding on Some of Productive and Reproductive Traits of Holestein Cows in Moghan Agro- Industrial Company (5709 Downloads)
The Effect of Ferulaassa-Foetida Gum Powder Compare to Antibiotic on Performance, Microbial Population and Intestinal Morphology in Broiler Chickens (5670 Downloads)
Determination of Chemical Composition and Metabolisable Energy of Germinated Barley in Broiler Chickens (5665 Downloads)
Effect of Increased Protein Level Supplied by Soybean Meal or Meat Meal on Performance, Blood Metabolites and Insulin and Liver Enzymes in Holstein Male Calves (5458 Downloads)
EEffect of Partial Replacement of Alfalfa Hay with Wheat Straw on Digestibility and Growth Performance of Fattening Male Lambs (5327 Downloads)
The Effect of Probiotic on Performance and Immunity Parameters of Broilers (5176 Downloads)
Tuning and Application of Random Forest Algorithm in Genomic Evaluation (5174 Downloads)
Comparison of Methods for the Implementation of Genomic Selection in Holstein (5162 Downloads)
Determination of Nutritive Value of Five Species of Halophyte Plants of Sistan by In Vitro and In Situ Techniques (5144 Downloads)
The Effects of Different Levels of Lemon Pulp Consumption and Reduction of Energy and Protein of Diet on Growth Related Hormones, Blood Parameters and Performance of Broiler Chickens (4957 Downloads)
Growth and Feedlot Performance of Lori-Bakhtiari, Romanov × Lori-Bakhtiari and Pakistani × Lori-Bakhtiari Crossbred Lambs (4860 Downloads)
Effect of Microencapsulated of Spirulina (Spirulina Platensis) Algae Powder on Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Intestinal Microflora of Broiler Chickens (4844 Downloads)
(Short Paper) Phylogenetic Analysis and Molecular Evolution of the Leptin Gene (4844 Downloads)
The Effect of Various Levels of Dietary Protein and Methionine on the Laying Hens Performance and Egg Characteristics in Late Laying Cycle (4794 Downloads)
Determination of Economic Values for Some Important Traits in Zel Sheep of Golestan (4765 Downloads)
Detecting of Functional Short Non-Coding RNAs using Bioinformatics Methods in Sheep and Goat (4462 Downloads)
Effects of Organic Acids with Different Dietary Electrolyte Balances on Growth Performance and Intestinal Microbial Population of Broiler (4434 Downloads)
Effect of α-Tocopherol Acetate, Pomogrante Peel and Extract on Performance, Nutrient Digestibilities and Tibia Bone Calcifaction in Broiler Chickens (4402 Downloads)
Comparison of Fitting Performance of Polynomial Functions in Random Regression Model for Test Day Milk Yield in of Iranian Holstein Dairy Cattle (4352 Downloads)
Effects of COMBO® Enzyme Supplemented Wheat and Wheat Bran Diet on Growth Performance and Digesta Physicochemical Properties of Broilers (4174 Downloads)
Estimation of Phenotypic and Genetic Parameters for Ewe Reproductive Traits in Shal Sheep (4096 Downloads)
Humeral and Cellular Immunity Response of Broiler Under Cold Stress Condition to Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10 (4057 Downloads)
Investigation of Factors Affecting Culling of Holstein Dairy Cows in Northwest of Iran (3986 Downloads)
Effect of Dietary Addition of Thymus vulgaris, Mentha piperita, Cirtus lemon and Carum copticum Essential Oils on Beast Meat Quality of Male Broilers (3941 Downloads)
New Formulation of Bull Semen Freezing Extender via Egg Yolk and Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate (3909 Downloads)
Effects of Different Levels of Garlic Powder in the Starter Diet on Performance of Holestin Dairy Calves (3908 Downloads)
Evaluation of Reproductive Performance of Afshari Ewes with a Short Estrus Synchronization Program in Non Breeding Season (3903 Downloads)
Single or Combined Effects of Prebiotic and Probiotic on Performance, Immunity Response and Gut Flora of Broiler Chickens (3875 Downloads)
Genetic and Non-Genetic Factors Affecting Longevity of Mehraban Sheep (3826 Downloads)
Effect of Polymorphisms in Some Candidate Genes on Twinning in Cross Breeds of Shall and Romanov (3800 Downloads)
Effects of Different Levels of Zinc on Performance, Egg Quality Traits and Some Blood Parameters of Laying Hens (3763 Downloads)
Genetic Analysis of Raw and Energy-Corrected Test Day Milk Traits in Iranian First lactation Holstein Cows (3655 Downloads)
The Effective Factors on Production and Profitability of Milk in Dairy Cattle farms of Isfahan Township (3650 Downloads)
Effect of Different Dietary Levels of Energy and Protein on Performance of Japanese Quail During Grower Phase (3613 Downloads)
Measurement of Rumination Activity using Chewing Activity Automatical Recorder in Dairy Cattle Fed with Alfalfa Hay with Different Particle Size (3609 Downloads)
Effect of Alcoholic Chicory (Cichorium Intybus L.) Extract on Performance and Immune Response of Broilers (3548 Downloads)
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