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Guide to writing and compiling articles in

Animal Product Research

1- Goals

(1) Disseminating and disseminating the results of research and studies conducted in the field of animal sciences, (2) helping to develop and promote knowledge in the field of animal sciences and (3) providing a suitable environment for the exchange of ideas and information between academic and research centers in the country. Animal Science.

2- Subject of articles

Feeding large and small livestock, feeding poultry, physiology, genetics and breeding of poultry, genetics and breeding of dairy cows, genetics and breeding of beef cattle, ‌ Genetics and breeding of sheep and goats, livestock production, livestock and poultry diseases

3- Conditions for reviewing articles

This journal examines the articles received with the following features for printing:

· Be high in line with the designated topics.

· The result of the author's studies, experiences and research.

· Be the result of extensive review and analysis of previous findings.

· The article has not been previously published or reprinted in another journal. After publishing the article, the copyright is reserved for the journal and the author (s) should not submit their articles to other scientific-research or promotional journals (whether in Persian or other languages).

· Articles submitted must be prepared in accordance with the journal's guidelines. In case of non-compliance with the guidelines for writing the article, it will not be sent to the judges for scientific evaluation.

4- Writing guide

The Editorial Board of Animal Products Research considers it necessary to strictly follow the following instructions as the conditions for accepting the article:

The different sections of the article, respectively, include 1- title, 2- Persian abstract, 3- keywords, 4- introduction, 5- materials and methods, 6- results and discussion, 7- thanks and appreciation, 8- sources and 9- abstract to The language is English.

4-1- Title

The title of the article should be concise and clear and should not exceed 25 words.

4-2- Abstract

The Persian and English abstracts are a summary of the article with an emphasis on purpose, research method and results, and are in a continuous paragraph and a maximum of 300 words. English abstract is a comprehensive translation of Persian abstract.

4-3- Keywords

Keywords include a minimum of five and a maximum of eight separate words on the research topic, which may not include the words in the title, if possible. Key English words should be given under the English abstract and in the same way key Persian words.

4-4- Introduction

The introduction includes the statement of the problem, the introduction and necessity of the research and the reference to the previous research, and at the end of it, in a sentence or paragraph, the purpose or objectives of the research are mentioned.

4-5- Materials and methods

Explain in full the area, location and time of execution, sampling methods, materials and equipment used, test plan and statistical measurement and analysis methods.

4-6- Results and discussion

All quantitative and qualitative results of the research should be presented in this section based on the table and shape (curve, diagram, image or photo, map). In this section, the results obtained will be discussed according to the objectives of the research and the findings of others. Research recommendations and recommendations should also be included in this section.

4-7- Thanks and appreciation

The author (s) of the paper can thank the funding providers and contributors for their research in this section (this section is optional).

4-8- Resources

- The sources used are numbered in Latin and in alphabetical order, the first author's last name, and at the end of the article.

- If there are several authors, after writing the last name and first letter of the first author's name, for other authors, first the first letter of the name and then the last name of each of them should be mentioned.

- Refer to the full name of the journal. Also, the first letter of each word in the name of the journal should be capital.

- The appropriate location of the point, comma, call and distance should be considered as the following examples.

- The first letter of the first word in the title of sources should be capital letter.

- In the text of the article, the sources used should be introduced by mentioning the number in parentheses. There should be no space between resource numbers and only commas should be used (4,2,18).

- When quoting the name of the author (s) in the text of the article, the source number inside the parentheses in front of the author's name (s) should be given and the reference to the year should be avoided (Ebrahimi et al. (4) found in a study that ....)

- If the authors of the sources cited are more than two people, in the text of the surname, bring the first author and use the word "and colleagues".

- For translated books, write the source based on the family name and the name of the translators.

- About the book, respectively: authors (translators), year of publication, full title of the book, volume number, 4 editing numbers, publisher, city and country of the publisher and the number of pages of the book.

Leeson, S. and J.D. Summers. 2005. Commercial poultry nutrition. 3rd ed., Nottingham University Press, Nottingham, UK, 398 pp.

- If a chapter of an edited book is used in the following order: author (s) of the chapter, year of publication of the book, title of the chapter, reference to the original book with the word In:, editor (editors) of the book with ed. Or eds. Inside the parentheses, book title, chapter page number, publisher, city and publisher country.

Ammerman, C.B., P.R. Henry and R.D. Miles. 1998. Supplemental organically bound mineral compounds in livestock nutrition. In: Garnsworthy, P.C. and J. Wiseman (eds.) Recent advances in animal nutrition. 67-91 pp., Nottingham University Press, Nottingham, UK.

- About the article in order: the author (s), the year of publication of the article, the title of the article, the title of the journal, the issue number, the issue number in the parentheses and the first and last pages of the article in the journal.

Ceyhan, A., T. Sezenler and S. Erdogan. 2009. The estimation of variance components for proliferation and growth traits of Sakiz sheep. Livestock Science, 122: 68-72.
- Regarding conference papers, respectively: author (s), year of publication, article title, conference title, page number, location (city and country).

Alders, R.G., P.B. Spradbrow, M.P. Young, B.V. Mata, J. Meers, Q.J.P. Lobo and J.W. Copland. 2001. Improving rural livelihoods through sustainable Newcastle disease control in village chickens. Proceedings of the 10th international conference of the association of institutions for tropical veterinary medicine, 199-205 pp., Copenhagen, Denmark.

- About the dissertation in order: author, year, title, dissertation section (.B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D), university, city, country, number of pages.

Alijani, S. 2010. Major genes detection in farm animals using statistical bayesian and molecular methods. Ph.D. Thesis, Tehran University, Karadj, Iran. 142 pp. (In Persian)

- All sources printed in Persian should be distinguished from non-Persian sources by writing (In Persian) at the end.

Rajabzadeh Nosvan, M. and M. Rezaei. 2012. Effect of L-Carnitine supplementation to diets with different sources of fat on performance, body composition and blood parameters in broiler chickens. Research on Animal Production, 3 (5): 40-52. (In Persian)

- For sources published by the institute or organization without mentioning the names of the people, the name of the institute or organization can be mentioned first or the word Anonymous can be used.

- For Internet resources, provide the full Internet address at the end of the source.

- In case of using the sources that are in print, use the name of the author (s) in parentheses (in press).

4-9- Writing method

- The article should be prepared in a maximum of 12 pages with a spacing line (one centimeter) in the form of two columns (a newspaper with a width of seven columns per column) and a margin of three centimeters in Word 2007 software. Write 2 Mitra for Persian text and use Times New Roman pen for English words in the text.

- For other parts of the article, use the type and size of the following items: (1) Persian title 2 Mitra 14 and highlighted (Bold), (2) Author's name (Gan) 2 Mitra 11 and highlighted (Bold), (3) Author's organizational affiliation (Gan) 2 Mitra 9, (4) Persian abstract 2 Mitra 10 and highlighted (Bold) and English words in the text of the abstract Times New Roman 8 and highlighted (Bold), (5) Headlines 2 Mitra 12 and highlighted (Bold) and Under the heading of each section 2 Mitra 11 and Bold, which is not numbered, (6) in the English abstract section, the title of the article is Times New Roman 12 and Bold, the names of the author (Gan) Times New Roman 11 and Bold , Organizational Dependence of Times New Roman 10, Text abstract of Times New Roman 11, abstract and keywords of Times New Roman 11 and Bold.

- Tables and figures should be given non-columnar in the text after the relevant explanations and Persian titles of tables with font size 11 2 Mitra, at the top of them and English titles tables with font size Times New Roman 9 and figures inside Persian tables font size 9 2 Mitra, The English figures for the Times New Roman 7 font, as well as the 2 Mitra 11 font titles and the English Times New Roman 9 font size tables, are listed below. It is necessary to mention the unit (in the metric system) and the scale for tables and figures in Persian and English. The tables are designed to be open (only the top and bottom lines are visible) and not to be framed. It is emphasized that the numerical scales on the horizontal and vertical axes of the figures are English.

- The scientific name of plants or animals in both text and sources should be diagonal (italic).

- The English equivalent of specialized words should be subtitled on each page.

5- Sending an article

The article must be sent in two separate versions, one with the author's name (Gan) and the other without the author's name (Gan) through the publication's website ( To submit an article, first complete the site registration form and then refer to the article submission section. Also, download the commitment form from the magazine's website and complete and send it.

Registration and submission of an article must be done by the person in charge of correspondence. The journal will only be responsible for correspondence.

Article specifications include the title of the article, the name of the author (s), their academic rank and organizational affiliation, along with the e-mail and contact number of the responsible author.

After submitting an article to the journal, any changes in the number of authors must be made in writing to the journal by the responsible author.

The articles received will first be reviewed quantitatively and qualitatively by the editorial board, and if appropriate (provided they follow the guidelines outlined in this guide), to be evaluated by at least three well-known and anonymous referees for the author. (Gan) will be sent to the relevant field.

Acceptance and publication of the article is subject to all edits requested by the journal office.

6- The cost of the initial review of the article

Following the letter of permission from the authors of the initial review of the article (before sending to the members of the editorial board) to determine the arbitrator and send to the arbitrator subject to payment of five hundred thousand rials (fifty thousand tomans) to the account 968083287 at Tejarat Bank The research income of Sari University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and its receipt is sent to the e-mail address of In the deposit slip, the code of the article and the responsible author should be stated.

7- Price of printing

- Issuance of the final acceptance letter of the article and its publication is subject to the deposit of one million Rials (10,000,000 Rials) through the electronic payment system of the magazine to account number 83287 with Tejarat Bank, Caspian Boulevard branch

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