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To better serve its editors and authors and to improve communication, our organization has launched a new website for journals. The new Journals System is proud to announce its new electronic manuscript submission and review system. Submissions for 2010 will only be accepted through our new system.
Dinosaur informs:
 Pursuant to Article 13 of the Press Law approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly on 12/28/64, the publishing license of Sari University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, including (Animal Production Research) in Persian, was issued on 2/10/1398 with registration number 86016; This university has been notified by the Deputy Minister of Press Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
Therefore, all professors, researchers, students and other esteemed university colleagues are invited to send their specialized articles in the mentioned fields to the address of the university's journal system system under the supervision of the research deputy to the following address. Animal Product Research
It is hoped that with the scientific efforts of you dear ones, this university can cause the growth and development of specialized knowledge and also cause the pride of dear Iran.
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