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The purpose of this experiment was to compare the effects of calcium, phosphorus, and fennel extract (FE) and vitamin D3 on performance and egg shell quality in post molted Ross broiler breeders from 96 to 102 weeks. Each pen consisted of 10 hens and 1 rooster. This experiment was done in a completely randomize design with seven treatments (different levels of calcium, phosphorus plus fennel extract or vitamin D3) that each treatments assigned to 4 replicates. The addition (50 mg/kg diet) FE had significant affection egg production, egg mass, settable egg, shell quality, relative albumin weight and body weight gain (p<0/05). The results of this experiments showed that decrement of the calcium and phosphorus up to 10 percent, did not significantly affection indicated parameters (p>0/05), but lower levels of calcium and phosphorus (20%) significantly affect these parameters (p<0/05). Supplementation of vitamin D3 to the diet with 10 percent less calcium and phosphorus could increase egg production and percentage of settable eggs.  Additionally, when calcium and phosphorus was 10 percent lower than control diet, supplementation of FE increased egg production and percentage of settable eggs but this effect did not was the same as vitamin D3.The results of these experiments indicated that supplementation diet with FE had significant affect when diets contain 10 percent lower in calcium and phosphorus.

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Type of Study: Research | Subject: Special
Received: 2017/06/17 | Revised: 2017/08/27 | Accepted: 2017/06/17 | Published: 2017/06/17

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